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CushionMe started from humble beginnings. Founded by Joanne Hopewell, it started from two pasting tables in Ellesmere Port Market displaying a few cushions.  Later, a van was bought, then eventually to present day units in Ellesmere Port Market, where you find us today as Jo’s Soft Furnishings (CushionMe).

We provide ready made and custom/bespoke soft furnishings, fabrics, curtains, netting, haberdashery and more.  We simply cannot display all our items due to the bespoke service we offer. 

We have many years of experience based on working closely with other suppliers and manufacturers in the soft furnishings and textile industry, so whether you are looking for cushions, beans bags, curtains, fabrics or more come to our store to ask Joanne herself.



CushionMe (by Jo’s Soft Furnishings) 

Unit 4 Ellesmere Port Market Market Square Ellesmere Port CH65 0HW

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When facing the main market entrance, Jo’s Soft Furnishings (CushionMe) is based top-left corner of the market.

On entering the main entrance, you can either:

  • Turn left, go straight to bottom-left corner, turn right and go up to the top-corner of the market.
  • Head straight to the cafe area area, then diagonally go top-left corner of the market.
Ask for “Jo” at Jo’s Soft Furnishings/CushionMe